VV Is an abbreviation of the phrase very very
Girl One: She is vv pretty :0
Girl two: I know right? i’m so jealous :/
by dumb bitch lesbian December 20, 2020
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similar to PV&J but is the lesbian version, meaning : Vagina/Vagina & Juices.
"woah leslie, smells like some vv&j went down in here."
by cassyface March 5, 2017
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vv is daft
vv is mega daft
VV IS DAFT NIG means that vv is daft
by NonDaftBoy141 October 3, 2020
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It is when you’re eating a girl and her private parts
I was teaching class and little Amy walked up to my desk and said can I get a vv lick please
by I’ve July 25, 2020
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Violet Velvet Squad HQ , a company of creating a spectacular fangame with inclusions of zombie apocalypses and biological creatures.
VVS HQ known as Violet Velvet Squad HQ are currently making Plants vs Zombies: World Tour
by TenaciousWHAT July 10, 2021
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