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VRD: VideoGame Reverting Disease.
VRD is a virous that usually effects teenagers between the ages of 15-17. Boys who have way too muchtime on there hands are the most likley to get infected. Symtoms of the virous are when the infected start playing videogame that they played 3-7 years ago and now are so board that they have nothing but to replay games that they already beat and now are way to old to play. They usually get very addicted to these games and play them non stop for around 1-2 weeks untill the virous leaves and there mature self regains controll of their body.
The infected:"Dude, I found my old gameboy and now I can't stop playing This game"

Person:" your an stoopid that game is so old."

The Infected:" shut up, this game is really good and cool, leave me alone"

Person:" ahhahahaha he had VRD
by The AllKnowing July 28, 2009
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