A male that has a rich sense of history.This family dates back to the “unknown”.Decendants are from Paul Georg Vön Möllendorff who was born in 1847.In 1869 Paul George Vön Möllendörff joined the Korean imperial army and 6 months later became a master swordsman which is a craft that was supposed to take 60 years,Paul Georg von Möllendorff then commanded the entire army outranking everyone with his skill level and leadership skills.Thiis leads on to present day where descendants are to have a German,Russian and Prussian background.This Surname has been dated back as far as time has been.Decendants are also suspected to have similar traits as to being a deadly sharpshooter,an inherent ability to master tasks in a speedy manner,a hidden genius to be discovered within and a well routed history in family trees.
Vön Möllendörff has a deep historical meaning.
by Vön Möllendörff October 12, 2019
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