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A place in the West corner of LUND in Sweden, Värpinge is a suburb were there is a lot of gang violence.
Areas in Värpinge
Little Africa - from ''Matöppet'' down to the -
Rainbow Ways - ''Röda,Gröna and blöa gården''
Arab Castle ''Tornhuset''
Tage erlanders väg - also know as the 9th street.
then there is Delicious street named after some kind of poor kid.
Ravinen - The Paradise ''Paradiset''
KT - Kuktorget ''Snopptorget''
Per johans lekpark - Stora Lekan
Fågelskolan - ''The big house'' named after kids thinking of it lika a prisson, Home to very meny workingclass kids and some low class kids witch make this school to have a high class of criminality. Bands and Artist from this school year 2006. PhatPat,TJ-Irani,R Delicious,Los Pussimurra dolls.
So you're from Värpinge, What you know about the nice people in Little Africa?,

Are you from the 9th street Familie?,

let's go the the paradis girl.,

Are you Gay or what, You live in the Rainbow ways.,

Let's meet up at the KT!,

What School do you go in?, Fågelskolan! Are you a drugaddict or what?
by Anders 9 June 19, 2006
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