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Wädur wannabies located in Växjö university.

They frequently take all original ideas from Wädur and implement them themselves as if they were the one inventing the idea.

This is not so annoying for Wädur since by the time VÄXT have stolen the concept or idea, Wädur have usually already invented something even more original (that VÄXT probably will steal a year later or so...)

All complains and claims about this "idea stealing phenomena" are usually censorized in VÄXTs forum since this is apparently is a pretty embarrasing trend for VÄXT.
Wow the idea of having a football tournament in the forest was a really great idea from Wädur. I bet VÄXT will copy that idea in a year from now or so....

"I secretly admire all Wädurs and wish I was a Wädur instead of VÄXT", a drunken VÄXT student being 100% honest.

I bought this can of chlorine so I can make my purple overall white so everyone then will believe that I am a Wädur instead of a copycat VÄXT.

VÄXT will arrange a forum sittning in 2008, about 2 year after Wädur had theirs without even mentioning that it was initially WÄDURs idea
by Vippi February 08, 2008
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