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1. (Idiom) Using a very complicated method or strategy when there is a simpler route that ends up with the same conclusion.

2. (Noun) A scientist in an insane asylum writing on the walls trying out figure out why the chicken crossed the road.

3. A question that has puzzled man for a very long time.
Ex:Using Mathematical Equations to find out why the chicken crossed the road

Lets see... The road is the variable y. x is the chicken...and w is the width of the road. Was the chicken hit by a car? Lets set that as variable q.

-46 Years Later-

Heh heh heh... So close to finishing!!! The chicken... crossed the road...because...

x=324897.453710599487105720982/23857105.3234 X 5^3489.245783-2433.452359157837598283994750175

y=45732658935/435 X 6^6.345722


q=23688.7853574545/534365645 X 235798^4364534577.3

He..he crossed the road... because...FFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is THE Chicken? Who the fuck is he? Is he a fat chicken ? How fast was he going? (The scientist has now mentally gone insane)
by EvilHamster March 18, 2012
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by duenna9 October 12, 2009
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