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n: Useless help is when you have a problem (usually computor/xbox/ps3/etc based) and you find a forum, download, or manual telling you how to fix it. Then, the dowload, forum, or manual fails to fix your problem.

You- Well, I already tried (x) but it didn't work.

noob- Well, try (x)
You- UGH I DID THAT noob!

Hmm this software looks useful.
(After an hour..)
Crap, I already had that!

You- It says (x)... Well, I did that, so how about advanced help?
(After 5 minutes to find that shit...)
Damnit, it says the same thing!
{In all cases, you have been given Useless Help}
by LordAflak September 05, 2010
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