Means to be able to
be used, no matter what it is used for.
"Those song lyrics
are useable!"

"They like to be
frank and useable."
by Zero from #RRR October 28, 2008
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Plural. A collection of things or people that are useable

There's a difference between useables and reuseables useables are once used or reused for a short period of time then left and reuseables are used and reused longterm unuseables are people or things that you can't use.
Person A: "Bro can I borrow your electric shaver mines is broke"
Me: "You always vulturin' my useables homie, get your own"

Ex. 2

Shorty On IG: "How does my ass look today"
Me: "You definitely got dem useables dm me if you fashodoe"
by BNK (Tha Ghost) July 20, 2021
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