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A bipartisan non-dictator specific derivative of the term Reaganomics which was associated with Ronald Reagan's failed trickle down economic policies and highly successful corruption strategy.

A super elitist dictator bastard dumps a bunch of cash on a bunch of other filthy rich elitist bastards of the top 2% who then proceed to piss on the remaining 98% of the population while they assure the 98% that this pissing will eventually result in prosperity for the lower 98%. No prosperity ever occurs but rather only the wetness and stench of the urination is conveyed.
The renewal of the Shrub's tax cuts is merely another case of corruption and trickle down urinomics.

It looks like my life will be a living hell for the next 50 years thanks to trickle down urinomics.
by Texas Ted and his armadillo December 29, 2010
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