When someone stumbles upon Urban Dictionary when looking for words on Google, thinking that Urban is the name of just another dictionary publisher. They look up a word, find something silly or offensive, and wonder what Urban Dictionary is.
I got Urban Dictionary syndrome in 2007 when I discovered Urban Dictionary looking for big number names like googoldecaplex. I looked up another word and was shocked at a word that came into view.
by Seshie May 03, 2009
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Often reffered to as UDS.
people with low self esteem or are undergoing emotionally tough times will use Urban Dictionary to fufill their emotional needs. They invent words and phrases and hope it gets a thumbs up. If their posts get a positive reception, they will go into an extremely euphoric state. However, if it turns out to be a total failure, the Urban Dictionary Syndrome will worsen.
His post on Urban Dictionary got 2300 likes and 900 dislikes. Now, instead of listening to screamo music and acting depressive, he's acting like that guy from the double rainbow video. He's undergoing some serious Urban dictionary syndrome.
by Bromantoo May 14, 2011
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Urban Dictionary Syndrome (UDS)- When a person goes to urbandictionary.com to search up a word and ends up clicking on pointless links and adding retarded definitions to words like "soggy bananas" and "yellow Ke$ha." Afffects procrastinators strongly. Symptoms include headache, fatigue, and extreme pileup of work to be done.
person #1: Why haven't you uploaded those pics yet?

person #2: It's not my fault, I have urban dictionary syndrome!
by hermioninie January 05, 2011
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