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Perverted sex maniacs in "Urban Dictionary" who only come up with made-up slangs that always has something to do with "sex", because they mainly think with their genitals and not their brain. Some may also spam a bunch of sex jokes just to cause irritation to others who are actually trying to learn other slangs, but they can't because most slangs are always about sex, thanks to all these Urban sex freaks. Almost every slang word I read from there's always one with an alternate definition, having to do with sex.

People like these trolls need to be exterminated for poisoning the public with their sexual filth, and perpetuating more sexual perversion.
Me: *Simply Reading about "Lamps" in Urban Dictionary*

Urban Sex Troll: Writes "lamps" - Short for "Look At My Pussy Shorts". Referring to extremely short shorts that accentuate the female genitalia. Usually made of lycra or spandex. Like Daisy Dukes, but shorter."

Me: Wow! Are you fucking kidding me? I can't even look up the word "lamps" without it having to do with sexual perverted fantasies. Fuck these Urban Sex Trolls. They're mainly the reason why people hardly come here to this site.
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by Mr. Ice Cream Man May 23, 2016
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