The Urban Lexicon is a subsection of vocabulary, words and expressions within the English language that are reserved solely for elite members of society.

Those well versed in the Urban Lexicon are familiar with the most obscure and absurd ideas and thoughts imaginable since these absurdities can only be expressed through the superior means the Urban Lexicon provides compared to the regular lexicon the common folk possess. Proficiency in the Urban Lexicon is considered the epitome of high culture.
Immigration Officer: If you want to give your children the best opportunity to excel in our society then I suggest you read them at least ten entries from Urban Dictionary every night to bolster their Urban Lexicon.

Immigrant: I shall heed your advice since I wish for my children to become fully assimilated into your culture. I will abandon my own language and fully devote myself to the teaching of the Urban Lexicon to my children. Thank you for your kindness.
by Jamis89 March 4, 2011
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