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So we understand each other"

Urban Guerrilla Go Karting is a group of racers dedicated to stripped down home built hot rod go karts. They're taking kart racing back to when karts were home brewed creations that were fixed by the racers and every one made a statement. There are no enclosed trailers at Urban Guerrilla races. There are no shifter karts at Urban Guerrilla races. There are no log sized tires to make your kart stick to the track. A maximum of 3.5 inch wide slicks will be run to ensure that this is about DRIVING, not how much money you can throw at your kart.Remember: the competition is fierce and when the smoke and the dust clear there can only be one winner!
It's not oval racing it's Urban Guerrilla gokarting...
by Rebel Brother January 14, 2010
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