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The people who put definitions on Urban Dictionary that are a total wast of time, like how "Ryan is the most sexy guy on earth" or nasty sex acts that involve feces. Usually people who shouldn't have access to a computer anyway and are ruining UB for many people.
Did you see that UB definitions that was the same chick's name six or seven times and it was only about what a ho she was?

Yeah, I reject all that crap from the Urban Fucktards. Maybe Urban Dictionary will find a way to filter some of those illiterate asswipes out and leave UB to the rest of us.
by Silverlock March 29, 2009
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All the single, horny children that add girls' first names and make the definition "hottest woman ever ohhhh." Or, they post their friends' names as condoms, different lengths of penises, or references to types of porn.
*scrolling through Urban Dictionary*

Jesus Christ, it's Jason... Porn.

This must've been posted by an Urban Fucktard.
by _JK_ May 12, 2018
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