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The annoying feeling obtained from seeing too many of those odd advertisements that you get while wasting time exploring Urban Dictionary. Such ads often seem confusing at first but most always tun out to be about a combination of sex and something else that's considered moderately cool or interesting by the general public in that they can really be created using this formula:

somewhat appealing topic + common sexual word or phrase + "click here/now" or some sort of special offer= advertisement

Too much exposure may lead to turning off your web browser or computer without warning, and possibly may even lead to the damage or destruction of said computer. rare cases may lead to actually clicking on the ad.
Possible Advertisements:

"Alien Abduction Orgy! Click here!"

"300 Spartans Sex! First month free!"

"Machine Gun Girls Striptease! Click Now!"

"Millionaire women want to have sex with YOU! First date free!"

"One click for a Roman Orgy! Click Now!"* (see below)

"Horny Wood Elves! Click Here!"

"Get Na'vi babes knocked up! Click Now!"

After seeing all of those ads on Urban,

You: "FUUUUUCKKKK THISSSSSS." *breaks computer over knee*


(probably not) You: "Fuck it. I can't take it anymore." *clicks ad*

Both are forms of Urban Ad Rage.

*turns out this actually was put up on the site, but it still fits the formula
by Oodles and oodles of noodles! January 05, 2012
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