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A term used when a person acts,talks,behaves,dresses in a matter that you find off-putting. It can be said with a slow 'URRRR" then a Quik "Gross". Or really fast "urgros", and really long and slow for those really bad off-putting moments "Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrroooooooossssssss".
Used in straight male gay moments. Gay male straight moments also applies to female situations. someone who does not have it together, it just applies to that atribute that a person has or situation their in that is off-putting'
Sergio "Hey Drew! .... let's go play football?"

Andrew "Nah, I got to wash dishes.."

Sergio " UrGross!"
Sara Palin "I resign"= "urgross"
Andrea and Marlene make plans to meet at the mall. Andrea shows up looking great. Marlene shows up in her sloth-cloth T shirt ...Marlene ="Urgross"
by MisterRevolver August 13, 2009
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