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Worse than the next insults of the future. Cholera, AIDS, HIV, and Cancer are nothing compared to ur kido a pedo. This unstoppable force can create black holes and anti matter within milliseconds.
Carl: Fuck off cunt
Daniel: Ur mom gay
Carl: Ur daddy lesbian!
Daniel: Uh, ur granny tranny!
Carl: Ur sister a mister
Daniel: Please, have mercy! I can’t do this to you!
Carl: Just go fuck yourself and suck my dick, pussy!
Daniel: *Whispers to himself* Alright then, you asked for it
Daniel: *Breathes deeply* Ur kido is a pedo
Carl: *Screams painfully*

Carl gets struck by a meteorite of antimatter, ending in a result of ending humanity itself. The sun crashes into mercury and creates a black hole sucking everything in, even the universe.
by SamuelLovesHentai May 11, 2018
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