The guy's equivalent of dressing up for a night on the town.
If I wanted to get duded up I'd throw on some cargo pants and my Shonen Knife t-shirt.
by Miles the Magnificent September 20, 2010
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Stuck up and snobby; arrogant. Someone who has jumped so far up their own ass, though not necessarily a male, that they become intolerable. Inspired by ponytails: People who wear / have them tend to act better than others.
"That girl is so up dude."

"Your boyfriend is hot but he's is too too fucking up dude."

"Man, chill out, don't be so up dude!"
by UdoU March 03, 2017
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(homosexuals) going to my boyfriends house
i'll talk to you later because i'm getting an urge to dip up to the dudes place.
by Mr.Pressureinthepooper August 08, 2008
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