Exhibiting coolness and style; where pretty, rich, and hip people like to be.
"I was at the Kettle and Stone Brewery in Boulder, CO last night, and that place is so up class!"

"Clubbin' with Kim and Kourtney last night, those bitches are totally up class."
by Kettle and Stone June 8, 2013
To add a touch of refinement or elegance to an otherwise seedy or unsavory location, grouping, or endeavor.
The crystal doorknobs in the dive bar really 'class up the joint'.
by Mordaukar December 19, 2013
To up class someone or something is to be better than it in every way. The word is very similar to out class.
"He completely up classed him in every way possible."
"I wonder what will up class car's in the future."
by OkayEntertainment July 12, 2017