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Super gay town near Seattle Washington where creepy, pasty, gay white kids live. Often times the population of University Place will congregate at a certain "Philip Gardner's" home to take part in communal anal sex orgies. At such gatherings one can often overhear political conversations and occasional moans of "Mattia you're so big and Italian." Residents of University Place are also known to sleep under putrid green comforters that resemble oven mitts. One should never visit University place if you don't like anal sex, crystal light, little Italian men, and homosexual ogres. In the instance that you do have to pass through University Place, arm yourself with a bag of rubber bands for these are the only weakness of the citizens of this town of ass pirates and cum guzzlers.
"Phil Gardner lives in University Place, WA I wouldn't head there unless you want to have your anal virginity taken or your pink crystal light consumed"
by Joe the Gay Plumber April 21, 2010
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