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Founded in 1960, the University of California-San Diego (widely known as UCSD)is a high-ranked public research university located in North County San Diego in the conservative community of La Jolla. UCSD puts much of its focus and funding into its research depts. and graduate schools. This is good in the sense that it has raised the university to number 32 in the country in only 46 years, but bad in that it leaves the undergrads without any grand sports events and frat row, like its sisters UCLA and Berkeley. UCSD has come to the very point of surpassing UCLA in academics, out ranking it in Engineering, Poli Sci, and Theatre amoung other things. Without a large waste of money on a football team, the campus is sadly decentralized and lacks a reason to come together. In the good ol' days, UCSD was so liberal, that in one instance a student lit himself on fire and died, to protest the Vietnam war. It is inevitable, that in time UCSD will surpass the outdated UCLA, because of its fast climb and focus solely on academics. More students are now choosing SD over LA as well as Berkeley.
I got into the three best UC's. Berkeley, LA, and San Diego. I could live in a foggy shithole, in a cloud of pollution, or by a ocean bluff...what did you THINK I'd choose?

University of California San Diego: THE SMARTER ONES (taken from a bumper sticker in the bookstore).

Typical UCSD weekend: A gust of wind through the eucalyptus tress and weird songs from the Singing Tree.

Typical UCSD party: One handle of vodka with 100 tomato-faced asians.

Another typical UCSD party: Bad ass memories of Tijuana and the fuckload of money lost at Barona.
by Justin G. April 12, 2006
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