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An automotive/diesel school located with in the United States. Founded a while ago, it is a school run by con artists who are destined to rip students off by making them pay an insane amount of money for pretty much no reason. They teach students how to rip costumers off at auto centers and most of the kids there have fart cans and crack V-tec on there honda civics!!! The school lacks the #1 thing that all men ACTUALLY WANT, which is sweet ass and pussy. Tits are a dying breed at the school, and if you even look at one of the girls to acknowledge them, you get kicked out for sexual harrasment and have your dick put in a meat blender. Most students rather do not make it there or do not make it in the real world, so the school is pretty much a huge failure and waist of money!!!
Guy 1...Dude, where the fuck are you going to school at?!?!?!
Guy 2...Ummm, some corn ball, hick school called Universal technical institute.
Guy 1...Yo bro..i heard that place was de shiznit!!! is it true
Guy 2...Well, if you dont wanna go anywhere in life and finally decide to turn gay, than that place is totally for you
Guy 1...Oh......
by De SHIZNIT June 05, 2011
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