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A groups of narrow minded, right winged Fundie Catholics and Protestants who hang aroung trolling their whole gospel of legalism, dumb rules, and hate towards those who believe differently. Their creed goes as such
1. The belief in everlasting hell of conscious torment for those who dont believe or behave exactly as they are told to is the most important doctrine.
2. It is justified to degrade another under the excuse of just trying to save them.
3. Your holy duty is to thumbs down anything supporting Universalism, annihilation, reincarnation, or a non-dogmatic system of theology.
4. It is a major sin to say anything about the church of Yahoo's behavior
5. Anyone who disagrees with them is in fact persecuting them.

6. You have the business to evangelize in categories people ask questions in, despite the fact they are trying to get away from you, but despite the problems, continue.

7. Be always ready to cover up any evil things you do, for you were doing good.
United Church of Yahoo Answers
Question: What is Buddhism?
UCYA answer: A path leading to everlasting hell.

Such examples include the leading cult members are CJ/Chris/David, No Chance without Jesus, Daver, Lynn, Dear Dogma and Gods Servant.

UCYA David/CJ/Chris-"blah blah blah is a cult leading to eternal hell".
by mrburns43 April 08, 2010
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