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1. A Megadeth album
2. A Megadeth song

(1) United Abominations is the 11th studio album from heavy metal group Megadeth. United Abominations is conisdered the best album of 2007. It is truly a masterpiece already has some legendary songs. The songs in the album are heavy, fast, and thrashy. The album also contained a remake of "A Tout Le Mode" with "A Tout Le Mode (Set Me Free)" which featured Lacuna Coil singer (and sexy) Cristina Scabbia. The album artwork features Vic Rattlehead in a make over.

The best songs are

"Washington Is Next!"
"Gears of War"
"United Abominations"
"Play For Blood"
Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)"
"Never Walk Alone... A Call To Arms"

Despite the greatness of the band, the radio, Grammy's, and mainstream America ignored the album and Megadeth once again. They (media) instead publicized Paramore (singer needs a dynamite in her mouth to go boom), Jimmy Eat World (Jimmy! Eat bullets!), My Crappy Romance (Lack Parade sucked), Kelly Clarkson (overated), Carrie Underwood (Before she sings), Taking Lack Sunday, Avril Lavigne (needs to shut her mouth), and Foul Out Boy.

However, United Abominations peaked at #8 on the charts thanks to fans and Gigantour. Megadeth shows what rock is all about! So, I suggest listening to it.

(2) A song from Megadeth, where the lyrics slams the United Nations. The song is slow, but then goes fast.
(1) Tom: Hey! I think MCR's "Black Parade" is the greatest album of all time!

Sleazy Guy: Uh, you said the same thing about Kelly Clarkson's new album.

Tom: So!

Sleazy Guy: Then, you said the same thing when Foul Out Boy release the crappy album.

Tom: Oh, ok, let me hear your best album, Mr. I think

Sleazy Guy *slaps Tom*: shut up and listen

"Sleepwalkers" play

Tom: This is too good! Wow, this guy is talented! Wow, those other bands I love are emberassing!

Sleazy Guy: I know, my suggestion is line them up against the wall and execute!

Tom: what's the name of this album?

Sleazy Guy: United Abominations (1) (2)!

by Sleez Boy April 07, 2008
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