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like universe only Unicursed - to be Unicursed, No matter where you go your fucked - life is always shitting on you, bad shit keep's happening at a oddly very frequent rate - all the fucking time shit never go's your way ... and to make matter worse - to be Unicursed your being haunted by a paranormal entity - that/thay intent to do you harm or created trouble how ever it can ...

to be Unicursed no one can cursed you other wised your just cursed and some one can lift the spell ... for you see a Unicursed it just happen automatically kinda like life it self said fuck you, so no matter where you go in life your Unicursed also it need's to transcend with Recantation - other wise it's just a shit life - and it need's to do most of the hell, the next life time if just as bad or if not worse then the last one ( aka last life time ) and the entity is still after you ... even if there more then one - also no one can lift the spell of unicrused

( You can still kinda use the word unicrused if your life has most of the problem's minus the paranormal entity, then just call them fully unicrused as in there is a paranormal entity )

joey is Unicursed - shit always happen to him ...

joey stuff keep's, Braking for no reason ... must be Unicursed - ( like the fan just died n Shorted out for no reason and it's brand new, AND in mint condition )

Joey keep's Having serious nightmare's and he look's pale as a Ghost - must be unicursed

Joey is keep's Blacking out of random - or - disappearing at odd hour of the day must be unicursed

Joey never Catch's a break ... fuck murphy's law, Joey's life is just total shit
by P.O.M.N September 12, 2016
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