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Polynesian muse for the great Chinese artist Go Bo Wai. Derived from the Barbadoodian phrase "saysay un dundaah," it translates into "Keep your dog out of my garden because he is eating my radishes." She is the epitome of beauty in ancient China and is included in one way or another in all of Go Bo Wai's art work. Go Bo Wai's art work spans across the entirety of the Mandarin empire. His greatest work is a nine-foot-tall statue of his muse, Undunda, in the lobby of the Imperial Palace Bar & Grill in downtown Shanghai. It was originally located in the actual Imperial Palace until it was pillaged by Mongolians and disappeared for over 200 years. It reappeared centuries later under a flight of stairs at JFK International Airport. Today there stands a plaque honoring the brave soldiers who uncovered the mystery of the Lost Treasure of Shanghai, as it became known. Hailed as the most famous mystery since Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys companion set. Go Bo Wai was widely celebrated as the most influential Chinese artist and philosopher since Confucious himself. The identity of Undunda and whether or not she actually existed is as mysterious as the death of Queen Amidala in Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III.
An interview with an art history professor at Cal State Northridge:

Professor: "I believe that Go Bo Wai changed the world with his beautiful mosaics and fingerpaintings of the legendary muse Undunda."
Art History Major: "Yes, Undunda is depicted as the finest muse in all the land. I worship Undunda every night. I light candles and incense."
by Sharona & Jamona September 28, 2006
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