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The latest album by the very successful band Sum 41.

It is their first album since guitarist David "Brownsound" Baksh left.

They did, however, incorporate another guitarist for recording and touring, Thomas "Brown Tom" Thacker, but will not include him in band photos or the crew list.

The new album includes hits such as Underclass Hero, Walking Disaster, and March of the Dogs. The other songs are Speak of the Devil, Dear Father, Count your last blessings, Ma Poubelle, The Jester, With me, Pull the curtain, King of Contradiction, Best of me, Confusion and Frustration in modern times, and So Long Goodbye.

I recommend this album to any fan of the band. Actually, I recommend it to anybody.
Just picked up Underclass Hero. It's amazing, dude.

Even without Brownsound?


by Briiiiin September 13, 2007
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the latest album released by the band sum 41.
released on july 24 was thought to be the album with the most hardship with the departure of guitarist dave bakkash.
this album is thought to have copied styles from bands blink 182 and green day
by sum 41 fan July 26, 2007
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