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Uncovery is different than "Recovery." Uncovery means that you consider how your life is more than your drinking, substance use, or overuse of: food, porn, gambling, the internet or shopping. The first step in Uncovery is to ask yourself "What would my life be like if I wasn't drinking as much?" (or eating so much, using so much, engaging in negative or anxious thinking, etc.)

Uncovery means that you uncover what is inside of you, including strengths that you may have neglected or minimized. You notice the times where you have been free (or free-er) from addiction or troublesome experiences with mental health (ie: depression, anxiety, flashbacks, obsessive thinking).

Uncovery is learning to open up to your past, and accept what you have done and what has been done to you. You can't change your past, so you have a choice: accept it, push it away, numb yourself or find other ways to cope. Uncovery means that you are willing to feel uncomfortable while at the same time you are changing - making room for whatever you are experiencing. Feel your anxiety, your sadness, your craving and decide to act anyway.

And Uncovery means that you care for yourself and practice self-compassion no matter how often you attempt to change, fall back, or how much you struggle. Whatever decision you make, caring for yourself will change you.
Uncovery is being present to your life, your experience, your relationships and believing that your life can grow and be/come bigger.
I am learning to drink less alcohol and practicing Uncovery... I am willing to feel my social anxiety, insecurities and other fears. And I am learning to appreciate my strengths even when I fall back into old patterns of drinking. I am practicing self-compassion because my life is no longer just about my drinking or my addiction.
by Yoda-Ninja July 12, 2017
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