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Uncle Tusky is a character in Zero Punctuation that makes occasional appearances. His first appearance was in Yahtzee Croshaw's review of The Orange Box. Specifically, he was talking of Half-Life 2's unexplained unveiling of a strange character that everyone knew already. He uses the similie that the event is "like coming home from school to find a walrus sitting at the family dinner table and you're the only one who seems to notice." The illustration depicts a walrus sitting at a table with another person offering "Uncle Tusky" some more potatoes. In Zero Puncutation's review of Super Mario Galaxy, while Yahtzee Croshaw mentions Super Mario Galaxy's unintuitive camera controls. He shows Uncle Tusky with a camera atop his head and a faceless voice saying, "Put that down Uncle Tusky."
Uncle Tusky does not want potatoes. He wants a salad.
by The Farkinator December 01, 2008
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