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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a video game that was released by the developer, Naughty Dog, on October 13th, 2009 in the U.S.

The game was met with wide critical appeal, earning 25 perfect game reviews. The game is played so that some chapters are flashbacks; for example, the first 14 chapters lead up to the beginning, which is also the first chapter (you will understand if you play the game).

The single-player version of the game follows heroes Nathan Drake, Chloe Frazier, Elena Fisher, and Victor Sullivan in their quest for the Chintomani Stone in Asia. The villain is war-criminal Zoran Lazarovic who commands an army of hired mercenaries who to try to take the phurba dagger, which unlocks the path to the stone, from the heroes.

The multiplayer is 3rd person and 5v5. There are numerous game modes: Deathmatch, Elimination, Plunder, Objectives, All Competitive Modes, Ranked, and Co-operative. The levels are 1 through 60, with various shields to indicate rank (51 through 60 are Roman Numerals). The game takes place in a variety of maps.

The teams are sorted into Heroes and Villains.

There are boosters to aid and assist in gameplay, once a player reaches level 51 up until 58 they can buy a negative booster called a Badge of Honor. These boosters make gamplay harder, but one is rewarded with more money for every 5 kills. There are two booster slots.
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Villains: Dragan, Tetram, Sark, Lovac, Vodnik, Zorskel, Flynn (various), Lazarovic, Lieutenant Draza, Genghis Khan, Gabriel Roman, Atoq Navarro, Eddy Raja, Skelzor, Glowzor, Platzor, Pratikoso, Dead Explorer, Evil Cole Helghast, Chimera Hybrid
Heroes: Drake (various), Elena (various), Chloe (various), Tenzin, Victor Sullivan, Jeff the Cameraman, Karl Schafer, Marco Polo, Donunt Drake, Zeke, Good Cole, Nathan Hale, Sev


Point and Shoot 2,000 2
From the Hip 5,000 6
Break Up 11,250 10
Down the Irons 18,750 14
Hell Blazer 27,750 18
Turtle 40,500 22
Sure Shot 64,500 30
Walk Softly 79,500 34
Juggler 94,500 38
Rapid Hands 111,000 42
*Situational Awareness 129,000 46
*Evasion 210,000 50
*Veiled 300,000 51
*Invalid 350,000 52
*Glass Jaw 1,500,000


Bandoleer 2,000 4
Scavenger 8,250 8
Keep Firing 14,250 12
Fleet Foot 23,250 16
Explosive Expert 32,250 20
Treasure Bearer 43,500 24
Sure Foot 52,500 26
Launch Man 58,500 28
Monkey Man 72,000 32
Scoped In 87,000 36
*Deposit 98,250 40
Rocket Man 120,000 44
*Revenge 134,250 48
*Half Loaded 400,000 54
*Come Get Some 2,000,000 58

*=Badge of Honor
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