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meaningless arrangement of abstract nonsense invented by extortionist president of find another university intended to distract and falsely impress. the latest in amateur PR smoke & mirror magic shows which aims to be as incredibly offputting as possible due to the extremely unbecoming as well as unsubstantiated proclamation of fictitious and insulting gibberish. the deceitful and distasteful exploitation of modern-day cheap parlor tricks fabricated to disillusion unsuspecting consumers, students and parents. due to the rising of millennials (and quite frankly downfall of human society) this is becoming more of a common practice online through a disheartening effort of digital grandstanding while attempting to blend into today's disgraceful overuse of made-up social media trends that are as much tacky and temporary as they are lacking in true honor and integrity.
Unbridled Ambition is the ultimate in delusional thinking. It looks beyond the horizon of pompous self-congratulating arrogance, when great potential is transformed into greatly unconscionable and unjustified boastfulness. Unbridled Ambition is comparable to the engine from the late 1970's Ford Pinto that drives the American dream into an extremely volatile and fiery explosion, the force that propels individuals and organizations straight into the ground burning to death from self-combustion. Harassing with the power of Unbridled Ambition in order to bring find another university to new depths as the horrifying joke on the American higher education market.
by Owl Deep Throat May 17, 2017
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