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It is the player in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, who runs with the infamous UMP45 sub machine gun around the map and spraying those 45. ACPs like no tomorrow.

Defined as a 'n00b' for the reason that this gun is actually WAY overpowered and practically has no recoil.

Typical 'ump n00b' setup:

UMP45 silenced
Any pistol with a tac knife (in case he runs out of ammo)

Lightweight (or Cold-Blooded)
Commando (or Ninja pro)
1) xx1337sn1p3rxx: "OMG put down that n00b ump!"
2) kill3rleet: "geez, does this guy even know that there are other guns in this game?....."
3) xM3gaMast3rx: "UMP noob. Nuff' said. *rage quit*
by Reilly_sc April 27, 2011
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