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Ummama or umama is a unique name for a girl , which makes her personality quite unique too . A person named Ummama is likely to be very funny and loved , girls named Ummama are often quite talkative and make friends easily . Girls with the name Ummama are innocent o the outside but rebels on the inside , especially in bed. A person named Ummama can come across hard to handle or shy but once you get to know them they’re your bestfriend. Ummama is a bestfriend type and her partner is lucky to have someone as unique . A person named Ummama is completely different in school and in the outside world . So if u see an Ummama alone and single , get up and get them!
That girl seems like an Ummama

Damn I wish I had an Ummama as a bestfriend

Ummama’s are amazing
by K33pItReal July 16, 2018
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