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A connotative acknowledgment of the word "lol" only applied in certain situations. Its original definition meant "There was an intention to laugh out loud but it was too awkward" (also written occasionally as "Llz"), used as a brief slang acronym to acknowledge the fact that there was an intention to laugh at what was said but for a some reason there was no actual laughter or excitement. ( reasons may include awkward, lazy, or drunk moments)

Pronounced - ul-zzz or Ll-zzzz. An easy way to say it is by trying to say the whole word with your tongue is touching the roof of your mouth.

Other forms of Ulz include extended "u's", "l's", or "z's". Each ulz can be customized to your choosing.
Example 1 - Awkward
Cindy: Guys every time I fart it feels like burning. fml I shouldn't have eaten that spicy shit.
Loo: Ullz?
Who: Llz

Example 2 - Lazy
While playing COD
Bro1: Yo bro, check her out
Bro2: Bro, that's my neighbor bro
Bro1: Dude I'd bang her any day
Bro2: Dude I'd band her again any day
Bro1: Bro, ulz

Example 3 - Drunk
After spending a whole day hosting Beer Olympics
Drunk1: Guys how the hell did the kegs end up on the roof?
Drunk69: ullllzz

Example 4 - Awkward
John: So, uh Bob...I sorta hooked up with your sister last night at your party.
by ulz4verso February 09, 2011
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