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What separates the men from the boys. It dwarfs things such as the milk mile, the beer mile and the burrito mile. It consists of 4 stages, all separated by running a quarter mile.

1:Foot Long HotDog (and any condiments you wish to put on it)

----quarter mile----
2:A Moes Burrito(Can either be a Joey Bag of Donuts or Homewrecker. Must consist of ATLEAST rice, beans and meat. Any other condiments you wish to add you may do so)

----quarter mile----
3:10 Chicken Wings(Any falvor-CANNOT be boneless....thats to easy. You MUST get a majority of meet off the bones. You will be supervised at this stage. You may not proceed until your supervisor has cleared you)

----quarter mile----

4:A Large Sundae(must consist of atleast 3 large scoops of ice cream. any flavor, any condiments.)

----quarter mile----

Optional:Time deduction agreed on by majority on participants for every time you vomit.

First one who crosses the finish line after completing all four stages wins.

Recommended for people over the age of 13.

Have fun =)
guy1:Dude lets do something bad ass
guy2:lets do the ultimate food challenge....
guy1:shit dude. i dont know thats only a myth
guy2: stfu we are doing it.
by k4pt4inc00k3 November 30, 2008
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