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A version of twister, invented by yaoi fangirls, designed to fulfill their perverse sexual tastes with any unfortunate males nearby.

It plays like usual twister at first, except people call out places to put hands and feet instead of the roulette. But then all of the girls playing will mysteriously lose very early on and very easily, leaving only the guys playing. Yaoi Fangirls will then swarm the playing field, calling out colors, hands or feet, and specific circles, and soon the poor men will find themselves in mimic sexual positions with each other on the mat, with the Fangirls drooling and cackling in perverted bliss. Finally, this hell is complete when they start taking pictures.

Straight and gay men alike, beware.
Lucy: "Omigod! Look at these pictures of Ari and Amos playing Ultimate Twister! It looks like they're scissoring!

Emily: "Omigod! They're totally having sex! OMIGOD! I need to start shipping and writting fanfic for them!"

Ben: Damn Ari, I didn't know you swung that way."

Ari: "I hate everyone."
by moviepyro512 August 16, 2009
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