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A person, usually male, who must always be number one, by any means necessary, such as in sports, sexual relationships, badass things. The Ultimate Chotch is usually bullshitting, is terrible at lying, and if caught in a lie, will only lie their way out to try to cover it up. They are usually very insecure and scared what others will say. They tend to not be liked by many people, and the people they are slightly liked by get very annoyed of them very quickly. There is nothing worse then having an ultimate chotch nearby, and the only cure is:
1) the ultimate chotch losing in a fight, wether it be a beakshow or a fistfight
2) the ultimate chotch moving, or having an epiphany of their ego.
Ultimate Chotch: Yeah me and these twins fucked at my house, *gives details that no one needed to hear*

Brian: We didn't need to hear that and no one cares.

Ultimate Chotch: the twins do
Brian to twins: Did you and (insert name) screw last night?

Twins: Eww no hes gross! He tried to get on us but i smacked him.
by Brian90210 November 15, 2011
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