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Pronounced "Ish-Kia" meaning "Water" in (Gaelic)

The name of a girl or women, that cannot be lived without.

She is the single most important factor in successfully sustaining most life on our Earth.

She is beautiful, opinionated, sexy, witty, charismatic, sarcastic, thoughtful, devoted, caring, horny and very artistic. She is also most likely far more intelligent than you and out of your league.

She also has beautiful eyes and a great singing voice!
But her insecurity and severe lack of mental stimulation in most relationships, can make her prone to dropping her standards at times and being a bit of a slut.

She also has a taste for alcoholic beverages and "dank" "leaf of the half-ling" (pipe weed) and a lust for real connections as well as a strong sense of home.
Person A : "Ahg man... I am so lonely, I really wish i could find myself an Uisce!

Person B: "Yeah, Dude, you are really not surviving!"
by TaxicalMan August 07, 2018
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