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:verb: ~ written interpretation that best matches the laugh of beloved Disney character "Goofy."


~ the Seven Dwarves decided to call their foaming stockpile of shit, spit and piss, "Ugh-gyuck."
The entire courtroom along with the judge watch as Goofy gets on his fours and begins pleading mercilessly to the jury, then letting out a wicked laugh. Everyone inside gasps, and the stenographer coolly types:"Gfy: See you all in hell fuckheads. Ughgyuck."

Doc and Sneezy were all sick and tired of talkin jibber jabber late after dinner when Dopey came tumblin inside holdin a big old pot of ughgyuck. It spills and slides across the floor, causing Grumpy to shout: "The juice is loose!"

by Khan of All Means September 22, 2010
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