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A person who only eats what they consider to be le best of le best. It has to be organic, free-range, Fair Trade arcane and hard to find. It has to be trendy: "trendy" meaning "mentioned on at least 6 celebrity blogs." Spending the average person's month's salary on food for one meal for two people shores up the ubervore's self esteem. If they drink coffee, it's only grown on some obscure little farm and hand-picked by trained monkeys.
"Are you going to invite Kara to your dinner party?"
"I guess I could...we're having"chevre" crepes and hand-picked organic hazelnuts with organic honey wrapped in Fair Trade rice paper, drizzled with a reduction of balsamic vinegar made in a tiny monastery in the mountains of Montenegro. Followed by duck breasts en papillote and hydroponic veggies, served with a nice little wine I found in a secret winery only 10 people know about."

"Girl, you're such an ubervore!"
by orinoco womble May 06, 2013
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