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People with this name are extremely unique unlike any other.
An Ubaydah is someone who doesn't fit amongst the crowd and always stands out because they're too cool and edgy or just weird.

An Ubaydah is very creative and logical and always comes out with something out of the box.

They are extremely introverted and keep to themselves virtually all the time so are quite awkward with emotions but it makes them all the more mysterious and cool. But despite this they have a natural talent for leading and organising things as it is just in their blood to take command!

Although they may come across as very negative, they have a twisted outlook on life through a lens of self-depreciation and will provide an insightful perspective on things.

They have a heart of gold (even though it may seem black) and deeply care about those around them and their wellbeing and although they are awkward with emotions they are overly attached to their friends and hold a deep sense of care for their friends. They only want to see those around them do well despite their awkward detachment from people and will, if they can, sacrifice themselves and their position for his friends to elevate.

If you are lucky enough to know an Ubaydah or even has one as a friend, HE IS A KEEPER and someone you should hold onto they are the most genuine people you will find who's interests are only for the better of yourself, even if you don't know what it is, he will ;)
Liz : OMG I'm so thankful for some of my friends one of them literally saved my life the other day
Alli : Which friend?
Liz : Ubaydah
Alli : I keep hearing great things about this guy, I need to make him my friend too
by Fluffy_cupcake14 May 28, 2019
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A variant spelling of Ubayda, or Ubaidah, which means the servant of God of a low rank; It could also be a feminine or masculine name. An Ubaydah is mostly shy but creative. An Ubaydah is a talkative, and tends to care a lot about what people think. An Ubaydah thinks outside the box, and generally doesn't admit to being smart. Although, an Ubayda does get mad, but only in silence.
Wow, that's Ubaydah!

Which means that's 'creative'!
by Old nanny November 04, 2018
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An Obnoxious, unrelenting, nagging person. This person asks for money with promises to pay it back, but never does. But at the same time has the heart of gold.
My oldest son is an Ubaydah.
by Old grandma June 20, 2014
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