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Contracted exclusively by people who affiliate with the University of Southern California. When people become brainwashed, by USC, into believing that they are better than the rest of humanity because they attend USC. Those that are infected often develop an arrogance/overconfidence; become very annoying; often brag about the sports programs while knowing very little about the sports as a whole; and alienate other non-USC friends. Their symptoms are often called the IABTYTI (I am better than you transmitted infection). This stuck up behavior harbors much dislike from others.

There recently there have been disturbing cases of many non-USC graduates that have contracted this disease. Even though their diploma might be from a community college, the infected can be seen waving USC flags, arguing over Reggie Bush's innocence, and willing to fight anybody wearing blue and gold.
Have you noticed Chris is acting differently

Yea, its been going on since he got into USC. He probably has the USC virus.
by A'Kuaba November 05, 2010
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