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a) said to, or of, a person, (whether to insult, demean, or just make simple friendly fun of them will depend on the context, tone of voice, situation, and the like) who is an aboslute zero at something, and not only that, but so bad at whatever it is that possibly a chimp could do better.

b) used to define a a school grade, a grade so bad however, that it actually should be below our current grade of F, i.e.below 35%.

c) used in terms of introspection (as in I am such a a USB-useless son of a bitch) when describing one's own abilities concerning a specific school subject or other ability.
person a): Michael, sorry to tell you this, but you are a USB (you suck balls or useless son of a bitch) if you don't know what that means in chemistry. But you'll probably be more in the the you suck balls in chemistry category.

Michael: lol, please don't tell me more. despite both of my parents and an aunt being chemical engineers, I do suck balls at chemistry as you pointed out, but i dont know why. however, I also got a grade of USB in physics this term; but this one is okay cuz my parents didnt do that well in physics themselves.

person a): roflmao, you should be the one to talk. I am jealous that compared to you I am such a USB, or useless son of a bitch, in math and business; I wish I could so much better in these subjects.
by sexydimma December 05, 2011
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