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UNSPU stands for Undercover Ninja Society Protection Unit. The aim of UNSPU is to not only protect Undercover Ninjas, but world domination, but mostly they're the good guys.
You don't have to be either a Ninja or a Spy or a Pirate or anything along those lines to join UNSPU, however you do have to be able to grant the protection of any Ninjas who need help of any kind.

U - Undercover. This is aimed at both the Ninjas and the UNSPU members. Obviously Ninjas are undercover, but UNSPU members also lead double lives. Unless in uniform, there is little to no visual difference between them and the general public.
N - Ninja. Definition: 1. noun a member of the ninja who were/are trained in martial arts and hired for espionage or sabotage or assassinations; a person skilled in ninjutsu 2. noun a class of 14th century Japanese who were trained in martial arts and were hired for espionage and assassinations. The word Ninja is derived from the Japanese word Ninjutsu - Nin = perseverance Jutsu = study of.
However, UNSPU isn't picky, so really anyone who claims they're a Ninja and proves to UNSPU's satisfaction may be granted Ninja status. This rarely happens, it's much easier to become part of UNSPU and be briefed on the existing Ninjas then to prove yourself as a Ninja.
S - Society. Meaning all Ninjas that are undercover, regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, or sexual preference.
P - Protection. UNSPU members must protect any Ninja that needs them. Protection includes anything from handing out condoms to giving your life so that they might live.
U - Unit. Meaning: a group of troops; a special department; a part of a collective whole. Pretty self explanatory.

UNSPU's plan for world domination is pretty straight forward. Here is an exert from the UNSPU journals:
"I think, that me and the rest of the undercover ninja society protection unit should take over the world using capsicum spray and elastic/rubber bands! And we will reign triumphant over the rest of the inhabitants on the globe and make everyone succumb to our way of living, thinking, talking and breathing!
And we will make everybody wear matching coloured T-shirts. Except us, we're still allowed to choose our own fashions. Except we shall have badges. Pretty badges. That shall say ''Undercover Ninja Society Protection Unit''"

To join UNSPU you must first talk to one of the UNSPU Masters. From there they will discuss you're oral application with two or more of the other Masters and make their decision.
You have to be super elite to join UNSPU
by PrettyStarFury May 13, 2008
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