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The most repulsive of all the hippies species; believed to be close descendents of the "college know it all hippies, these hippies do not bathe and prefer the hairstyle of dreadlocks. Occasionaly, the female UNCA hippies will grow out their armpit hair and/or leg hair to grotesque lengths, making any other homo sapien want to immediately vomit. Bongo drums, birkenstocks, hacky sacks, and frisbees are their favorite items of pleasure, and they frequently use the drug marijuana. These hippies will ramble about facts, figures, and opinions but their arguments have no roots and are weak "bullshit". If you or a loved one is a UNCA hippie please call the nearest rehab center or jump off a high bridge.
Damn niggarachi, did you see that hoe ass UNCA hippie? Her armpit hair was in some whack ass dreadlocks, makes a nigga want to bus' a cap fo' sho'. Throw yo' hood up nicka, thro' it up dawwwwg.
by e322323232323232444 October 25, 2006
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