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Unacceptable Level of Operational Risk
Online Customer: If I buy two books in one order, will you give me a discount on shipping?
Online Bookstore: Absolutely! We'll give a 25 percent discount, e.g. international shipping and handling rate for one book is $5 so if you buy two books, then you'll be charged $7.5.

Online Customer: But on your website, it charges $10 at checkout when I put two books in the cart...
Online Bookstore: No worries! We could either issue you a check of $2.5 or apply that to your account with your next purchase.
Online Customer: Forget it. What an ULOP.
Online Bookstore: What's that?
Online Customer: Unacceptable Level of Operational Risk.
Online Bookstore: Word!
by wallstreetitguy November 11, 2012
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