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UESF - Uber Ebil Strike Force. A Samurai of Legend (MMOG) -SoL - faction created to rival TNAA (The New Age of Anarchy). Unfortunately due to admittance being strictly for trolls (forum spammers), hossie hiders, tards and harassment reporting players, the faction UESF died off leaving TNAA to reign over the SoL war room (WR).

After the dissolving of UESF many other 'factions' tried to rival TNAA but to no avail.
UESF were once the whipping boy's of Samurai Of Legend, but kudos for their efforts, where many others chose not to fail at least UESF tried to stop the tyranny of TNAA.
by SamuraiBest June 28, 2011
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