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U.S. Army No. 2 or U.S. Army LITE. An arrogant and overrated "branch" of the U.S. military which has no real need to exist since their job can be & is already mostly done by the Army, Navy and Air Force. Despite being called "The Few, The Proud" there are over 200,000 Marines, which is bigger than a lot of countries armed forces. Their specialization is Amphibious Warfare, despite the FACT that the U.S. Army has taken part in more amphibious landings such as Normandy and in the Pacific in WWII.

The USMC is also vastly inferior to other Marine forces around the world such as the British Royal Marine Commandos who are not only much fewer in number but trained a lot longer and harder. The USMC is too big and bloated to be considered "elite".

The popularity of the USMC only exists because of it's famous boot camp and movies like Full Metal Jacket.
Join the U.S. Marine Corps if you are easily persuaded by propaganda, you get hard watching R Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket, and you want to be treated like shit and a child throughout your enlistment. Join the U.S. Army if you want to be treated like an adult, have your own choice of MOS, decent equipment and a bigger choice of jobs.
by RawrRiot1992 November 21, 2012
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A large, powerful organisation operated by the US Government. Very often trigger happySpecially trained to inflict maximum innocent civilian casualties and to fire on allied forces. Unlike an elite, hardened force of veteran soldiers (see Royal Marines), they are an unwieldy force, with more than 1,500,000 troops.
Battle Honours:
Mexican War
World War 1 (After waiting to see who was winning before joining brave Britain and France)
World War 2 (Same as above)
Korean War (Commies 1 Marines 0)
The 'nam (Commies 1 Marines 0)

Afghanistan (see Friendly Fire
US Marine Corps soldier in Humvee: I can see foot mobiles approaching
Commander: Do they look friendly?
Marine: I think so
Commander: Lets not take any chances (Call in an F-18 airstrike)
Commander: Holy Crap.....this is gonna take alot of explaining.......
by wannabekiller November 18, 2010
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