Mostly non-urban portions of the United States typically with the lowest per capita income and education levels but the highest crime rates, divorce rates and percentage of the population that describe themselves as "Christian".

The term is derived from the 2000 presidential election where TV News broadcasts colored the US map with red for states carried by George W Bush. The term has become a shorthand for the conservative side of the cultural divide in the US.

In Red States, the Republican Party has co-opted the most extreme conservative position on cultural issues and managed to conflate these issues with patriotism and family values.

Red State voters, while often the poorest, most ill-informed and least educated of the electorate vote against their social and economic self-interest because they view "values" as the measure of good governance.

The term is now expanded to describe a lifestyle and attitude that is anti-elitist and attached to American symbols such as the flag, large SUVs, NASCAR, Wal-Mart and country music.
See also Blue States
Mega-churches in the Red States distributed Christian voter guides to steer their congregations to vote for Bush in 2004.
by clindsay August 27, 2005
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The Amercian location in which most people decided to vote for Bush because they care about the community and are smart enouf too understand that the key to having freedom is telling other people what they should and shouldn't not do.
How can you not support the war in Iraq? Our boys are dying for your freedom and safety and oil? It doesn't matter if you don't agree with the terms of war we're in it now so give them your unconditional love and don't think twice about it! I'm not going to sit back and let things like freedom and education get in thee way of what my grandmother told me her interpretation of the bible means. I believe in god and he loves us!
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