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Tyttebær is the 11th largest city in Norway.
Located in Fårikålskalle kommune in the province of Syltetyttebær.

The locals of Tyttebær have somewhat of a national rep for drinking alot and being crazy psychos in general.
(probably 'cause they live in an isolated fjord.)

They are known for their local dish Appelsinmarmelade.

They got their city status in 1687 as Tyttebær was formerly known as just Bær until the great fire of Bær and it was rebuilt as a fortress to hold off Sami pirates and the Russian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch and Swedish Armies.

Satanistspisebabyhaugen and the Sugmæiræva Cathedral.

The most known person to come out of Tyttebær is Olaug Smalahovud who was the Norwegian prime minister from 1889 to 1901.
- Boy that sugmæiræva Cathedral sure sucks ass!
It's just SO ugly!!

He's complete tyttebær in his head (meaning crazy).

I ate my cabbage, potatoes and sheep dinner in Fårikålskalle (Where Tyttebær is located). I topped it off with som appelsinmarmelade afterwards.
by Pelle Galemann May 14, 2010
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